Reaching the World for Christ..
Transforming lives with Christ's love and truth,
as we reach the community of Desert Hills.
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Grow in your FAITH with us..


Learn what God is doing in our lives..


Our commitment in truth and in love..

Sending Church

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Our Vision

To help others be successful in this life and prepared for the next..

Preach The Gospel

We desire to see people accept Christ and it is our belief that this will happen through the preaching of the Gospel.

Disciple New Believers

We desire to see believers grow in their relationship with Christ and have a passion to tell others about Him.

Impact Our World

We desire to establish a local church that will make an impact for Christ in Desert Hills and also will be able to assist other churches endeavoring to do the same in their part of the world.

Share Christ's Love

We desire to be a church that is known to have a heart for others in our community. We wish this to be known not just in words, but to also be displayed in a Christ-like servant's attitude.

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Our Updates

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  • January - March 2017

    Our Unexpected Blessings

    The new year brought with excitement about what God will do to build His church in Desert Hills, as well as unexpected blessings and challenges along with it.

  • October - December 2016

    Months of Deputation

    The end of November marked the end of our first three months of deputation, and we rejoice and give God thanks for all that He has done and how He's provided during that time.

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